4-H Parents and Leaders Association

The 4-H Parents and Leaders Association meets every month at the Jackson County UW-Extension Office.  The purpose of the Association is to help update county 4-H policies, establish goals for assisting youth in the Jackson County 4-H Program, and plan and provide educational opportunities at the county level for the youth, families, and volunteers in the 4-H program in Jackson County.  This is done with guidance from the 4-H Program Coordinator in the Extension Office.  The group also works to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of any problems of local clubs and their leaders while looking at ways to further the program in all ways possible in Jackson County.  The 4-H Parents and Leaders Association also works to generate financial and other support for Jackson County 4-H programs.

All 4-H youth and adults are welcome to attend our meetings!  Below we have the meeting schedule and a brief outline of the topics that will be discussed.  We have also provided a list of individuals who we think would have a vested interest in attending each meeting and have listed them as ‘Encouraged to Attend.’ Sessions this year, we have started holding hybrid-style meetings. Below you will find a registration link for some of the upcoming meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting in person, feel free to join us from the comfort of your own home!

Current Board Officers:

  • President – Justin Pleinis
  • Past President – Molly Kneisley
  • Vice President – Karen Kling
  • Secretary – Becky Radcliffe
  • Treasurer (non-board position) – Lori Janke

Past Meeting Minutes:

2022 Meeting Minutes

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October 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who are the members of the 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association?  Membership in the Parents and Leaders’ Association is extended to two adult 4-H leaders and one youth leader (grade 9 & over) from each Jackson County 4-H Club.
  • What is the purpose of the 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association?  The 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association aims to enhance and support Extension 4-H Youth Development Programs at the local, county, and state level.
  • What are 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association Meetings?  The Parents and Leaders’ Association meetings are where policies about 4-H in Jackson County are discussed and made. Current initiatives in the 4-H program, leadership opportunities, and member opportunities are discussed at meetings. The Parents and Leaders’ Association develops the program direction of Jackson County 4-H.  The 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association goals are to keep youth interested, encourage participation beyond the club level in county activities, events and programs, increase parental involvement, make the county fair educational and fun, promote positive self-esteem, and encourage active participation attendance at leaders’ meetings. The Parents and Leaders’ Association promotes the goals and objectives of UW-Extension 4-H Youth Programs.
  • Why should you be involved in the 4-H Parents and Leaders’ Association?
  • As a member of the Parents and Leaders’ Association, you can:
    • Provide guidance and direction for the Jackson County 4-H Program
    • Be a role model for 4-H youth
    • Develop new leadership skills
    • Aid in fundraising for and financial accountability of the Parents and Leaders’ Association
    • Make decisions that affect the lives of youth in the Jackson County    4-H Program.
    • Serve as a link of communication between the Parents and Leaders’ Association and your 4-H Club.
    • Meet other leaders from across Jackson County
    • Have access to up-to-date leader resources and training
    • Share ideas that aid the continual development of the Jackson County 4-H program
    • Show support for 4-H Youth Development Program and education
    • Become a registered 4-H leader covered under our liability insurance policy
    • Have a voice in the 4-H Program!


The Parent and Leaders Board hosts various fundraisers to help support the Jackson County 4-H Program.  Learn more about these multiple fundraisers through the website HERE.