Jackson County 4-H Fundraisers

Help us support the Jackson County 4-H Program through fundraisers!

The 4-H Parents and Leaders Association is constantly hosting various fundraisers to support the Jackson County 4-H Program as it is a part of their mission to generate financial, along with other, support for all the county programs and youth involved in 4-H.  Below you will find information about how these fundraisers support the Jackson County 4-H program, what the fundraisers are, and how YOU can help!

What do these fundraisers support?

Well, in short, these fundraisers support continued educational opportunities for youth involved in the Jackson County 4-H program.  These continued educational opportunities include:

  • Project group supplies
  • Scholarships
  • 4-H Banquet supplies
  • Funding for youth and adults to attend Fall Forum or other leadership trips
  • 4-H promotional material for use to gain new 4-H members
  • Workshop fees for presenters in various projects
  • Older member trips and events
  • 4-H Summer Camp
  • Cloverbud Project
  • STEM kit supplies and support materials (can be checked out to clubs)
  • Grants for 4-H projects
  • Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs
  • Foodstand materials, upgrades, equipment, products….. AND SO MUCH MORE!

Cookbook Fundraiser:

Jackson County 4-H Cookbooks are here! Support the Jackson County 4-H Parents and Leaders by purchasing one today!

If you are a 4-H Member feel free to use the social media pictures, flyer, and promotional letter to spread the word about our fundraiser!

Cook Book Promotional Letter

  • Purchasing a Cookbook:
    • It is $10.00 for a cookbook
    • Books will be sold at the Jackson County Extension Office. If you plan to purchase one you can make out a check to the Jackson County Parents and Leaders or have an exact change. We are unable to make changes at the office so please come prepared.
    • Books can also be purchased from participating Jackson County 4-H Members!

Farmers Market Fundraiser:

This is an opportunity for your 4-H club or a youth 4-Her who is going on a 4-H trip, to raise funds by selling projects they made, the food they made, the food they grew, or charge for an activity (i.e. face painting for $2) at the Jackson County Farmers Market.

The Parent and Leaders Association has paid for the fee to have a booth at the Farmers Market to get this club fundraiser started!  Each club leader will be emailed information about how they as a club can sign up, participate, and raise funds for their club.  The family of each youth who has signed up for a 4-H state, national, or international trip will also be emailed with information on how to sign up so they can raise money to attend their 4-H trip.

Quick Facts about this Fundraiser:

  • Funds raised at the Farmers Market will go directly to the club that was selling that day, or directly to the 4-H youth attending a 4-H trip
  • Each club will be selling something of their choosing – meaning that there will be A LOT of cool things!  Some things they may sell are listed below:
    • Homemade Food Goodies
    • Craft Projects
    • Drawings/Paintings
    • Face Painting
    • Kits for Activities
    • And so much more!
  • The Farmers Market runs from June through October

For more information about the Jackson County Farmers Market check out their website HERE.  If you are a club leader or a 4-H youth who is participating in a trip and would like more information about this fundraiser please email the 4-H Program Coordinator.

Plat Book Fundraiser:

The new 2021 edition of the Jackson County Plat Book is available for purchase at the Jackson County Extension office located at 227 S. 11th Street in Black River Falls, as well as Moe’s, Scholze’s, and the County courthouse. The books cost $35 each (plus shipping). Shipping prices have been changing, please call to get the current rate.

The sale of plat books is a fundraiser for Jackson County 4-H and a new plat book is released every three years.

Premium wall maps are also available. Traditional land ownership maps by township and range, a landowner index for easy cross-referencing, and other county information are all available in the new edition. This book features the new enhanced LiDAR aerial view maps opposite the landownership map pages, which is the 3D effect showing the actual topography of the land. Visit mappingsolutionsGIS.com for digital versions of Jackson County landowner maps. Mapping Solutions is the publisher.

You can also order a plat book and get it mailed to you, versus picking it up at one of the distributors!

E-Books, Online Plat Books, and Aerial Wall Maps

Did you know we have e-books and digital maps available? These are available Online Only through Mapping Solutions. This is a great option for the outdoor explorer who is on the go! Check out this link to look at your options.

Note: DO NOT purchase plat books online. We have them available at the Extension Office. These can be shipped, check out the directions above.