Master Gardener Volunteers

Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program –
This program provides horticultural training to adults who, in turn, volunteer in Jackson County. The goal is to connect people with resources and research-based information to help people better understand horticulture and their environment.

The Master Gardener program is a volunteer program designed for gardeners with some basic knowledge of how plants grow and contribute to our environment.

We are looking for individuals that want to become environmental stewards.  UW-Extension will provide you with horticulture training so that you will go forth to help others: our neighbors, our community; to maintain our biodiversity and our sense of community that comes from gardening.

The Master Gardener training will consist of 36 plus hours of training.  A Master Gardener Volunteer is then required to provide 24 hours of volunteer community service prior to next October.  This could include diagnosing plant problems, volunteering at the county fair, providing gardening tips at the farmers’ market, working in community gardens, and much more.

*Please check back in coming months for more information regarding specific training dates and registration*


If you have any questions about the program please contact Jamie Pfaff at (715) 284-4257 or