Newsletter/Bi-Weekly Emails

The newsletter is sent out quarterly throughout the year and it is called the 4-H Flyer.  It houses club news, news and events, specific project news, and the overall calendar of events.  We recognize that a quarterly newsletter may miss some events, so there is also a bi-weekly email sent out with updates that may have missed the newsletter.  To get on the bi-weekly email list, you simply need to be a 4-H member or 4-H volunteer and enrolled in 4HOnline.  The bi-weekly emails are sent out via 4HOnline.  You can also find previous bi-weekly emails below if you missed any of the information in them, or just can’t find the email below.

Current 4-H Flyer


March-June 2020

Most Recent Bi-Weekly Email



1.30.2020 Bi-Weekly Email

8.28.2019 Bi-Weekly Email

If you have 4-H information that you feel should be placed in the newsletter OR if you have club news to add to the newsletter please email the information to the 4-H Program Coordinator.

July-September 2019 4-H Flyer 7.30.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
January – March 2019 4-H Flyer 7.16.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
4-H July-September 2018 7.2.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
4-H October-December 2018 6.21.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
4-H July-September 2018 6.4.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
4-H Flyer April – June 2018 5.7.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
4-H Flyer January – March 2018 4.23.2019 Bi-Weekly Email
September-December 2019 4-H Flyer 4.9.2019 Bi-Weekly Email