Record Book

Record Books are due to the Extension Office by September 1st every year.

**Please note the following: your 4-H club/4-H Leader may set an earlier deadline for when they would like them collected.  Also, if the 1st falls on a weekend/holiday, the Record Books are due to the office by the end of the next business day.**

Record Books serve as a way to track what a youth has participated in over the course of the 4-H year!  Record Books are a great way to help youth learn in the following ways:  To establish good habits of organizing and planning, To improve written communication skills, To establish positive direction and identification of goals, Evaluation of economic worth of project(s) or activities, and Evaluation & motivation by self and others.  Record books can also be a VERY helpful tool when older youth begin to create resumes!

There are different ways that youth can put together a Record Book, so it best represents the youth and their experience in the 4-H program that year.  The different formats are intended to allow young people to complete their record books while exploring an electronic format options that they feel comfortable using and/or want to learn more about, OR through keeping a more traditional printed record book. Please note that all electronic forms can also be printed out and filled in like a traditional record book.  Use the 4-H Record Guide – Jackson County to learn more about eRecord Books, format options, and expectations. Use the forms below to complete the requirements.  And, if you have any questions or would like to see examples, talk to the 4-H Program Coordinator.


Basic forms are recommended for grades 3-8 and Advanced forms are recommended for grades 9-12.  4-H members in grades 9-12 can choose to use either the Basic or the Advanced form.

Non-Animal Project Records

Animal Project Records

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