Join 4-H

Join Jackson County 4-H in three easy steps!

1. Look through the Jackson County Roster and find a club that: meets at a location, time and day of the month that works for you, has a project area of interest for your youth, or just is a great overall fit for you and your family.  If you are having trouble deciding between clubs, contact the club leaders or the Extension Office to find out more information about the club projects and activities that they participate in during the year.

2. Contact the leader of the club you would like to join.  Let the leader know you are interested in attending their next club meeting and confirm the time and location of the meeting.

3. Complete the enrollment process in 4HOnline.  Please note that all enrollments are done in Wisconsin 4-H Online, you need a computer, internet access, a valid e-mail address and a web browser.

  • Go to Follow the instructions at the top of the page, you are ready to begin entering your family information.
  • For more detailed information about how to enroll your family on 4HOnline please refer to the following help guide: Enrolling in 4-H Online as a new family
  • If you do not have access to a computer or internet at home, fear not!  The Extension office is happy to host you and provide you computer access for the purpose of enrolling in 4HOnline.  Just call the office or email the 4-H Program Coordinator at least 2 days in advance so 4-H staff can be ready to help you.  In addition, local libraries offer free computer use to cardholders – a great alternative if you are unable to make it down to the office!

 Congratulations!  You are now a Jackson County 4-H member!