4-H Clubs

Youth aren’t limited by where they live as to what club they can join. Youth should join the club that best meets their interests. Contact a Club Leader to learn more about a club. Once a youth and family have decided on a club they can sign up at wi.4honline.com. Contact the Extension Office if you have any questions.

Jackson County Clubs and Contact Information:

Below is a list of each club in Jackson County, the club leader, the club leaders contact information, and the meeting day of the club.  Please note, however, that club meeting dates and locations can change so please contact the club leader before attending a meeting.

  • BRF Trailblazers
  • Country Crystals
    • Club Leader: Karen Kling and Kathlene Zipfel
    • Contact Phone: 715-896-4032 and 715-299-7912
    • Meeting Time: 3rd Sunday of the month, Taylor Municipal Building, 7:00 PM
  • Hixton Lucky Clovers
    • Club Leader:Molly Kniseley
    • Contact Phone:
      • Molly: 715-299-2470
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Monday of the month, Hixton Legion Hall, 7:00 PM
  • Irving Sticktights II
    • Club Leader: Craig Kubaskie
    • Contact Phone: 715-896-2559
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Sunday of the month, Irving Town Hall, 6:30 PM
  • Melrose Satellites
    • Club Leader: Becky Radcliff
    • Contact Phone: 715-896-1157
    • Meeting Time:3rd Sunday of the month, L&M Café, 7:00 PM
  • Milk Duds
    • Club Leader: Mary Giese
    • Contact Phone:  715-896-1039
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Sunday of the month, Garden Valley Town Hall, 6:00 PM
  • Mound View Happy Workers
    • Club Leader: Linda Moseley
    • Contact Phone: 715-597-3949
    • Meeting Time: 3rd Sunday of the month, Garden Valley Town Hall, 6:00 PM
  • Northfield Go-Getters
    • Club Leader:Stephen Smith
    • Contact Phone:715-984-2267
    • Meeting Time:
      • 2nd Wednesday of the Month June, July, August York Ball Park 5 pm
      • September through May, Town Hall of Northfield 6 pm 2nd Sunday of the month
  • Osseo Wild Mustangs
      • Club Leader: Cathy Franck and David Franck, Sr
      • Contact Phone: 715-586-0762
      • Meeting Time: 1st Thursday of the month, Cabin of the Pines (Osseo VFW), 6:30 PM
  • Sharing Pioneers
    • Club Leader: Deb Johnson
    • Contact Phone: 715-299-8383
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Sunday of the month, UW-Extension, 4:00 PM
  • Whispering Hills
    • Club Leader: Ellie Hurlburt and Maribeth Graham
    • Contact Phone: 715-284-4917 and 715-896-3040
    • Meeting Time: 2nd Saturday of the month, Manchester Town Hall, 10:00 AM

Locations of Jackson County 4-H Clubs:

Location can be one important factor in determining which club to join.  Check out the Jackson County clubs on the map below to give you a visual of where the clubs are located in the county.