Summer Camp

This year Summer Camp is from July 9 – July 11, 2019!

This camp takes place at the Lost Falls Campground and is for youth who have just completed 3rd – 6th grade (4-H and non-4-H members alike).  Youth who attend camp get the opportunity to explore the beautiful outdoors of Jackson County while making new friends, learning new things, and having a blast!  We’ll camp along the river at Lost Falls Campground in tents and listen to the owls hoot and raccoons skitter through the night.

We have older youth who are Camp Counselors and Camp Counselors in Training (CITs) who assist and lead youth in different fun and educational activities at camp.  Along with the older youth we have 4-H adult volunteers, the 4-H Program Coordinator, and the summer intern to assist in leadership with camp.  To apply to be a Camp Counselor or CIT you must be in grade 7 or higher – you can learn more in the section below ‘Quick Notes about camp’.

Lost Falls Campground is located 10 miles west of Black River Falls out on Highway 54.  To get to Lost Falls Campground follow Highway 54 to Sunnyvale Road and follow the signs.

How to Register for Camp:

Registration for camp takes place ONLINE.  If you would like a hard-copy of the registration form it can be picked up at the Jackson County Extension Office.

There is a registration fee for Summer Camp to help us cover costs of supplies and food.  Registration fees are $40 per 4-H member, or $45 for non-4-H members and the fees must be paid by the registration deadline.  Registration fees can be paid at, or mailed to, the Jackson County Extension Office (227 South 11th Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615).  If you are mailing your check please include the following information along with the check: How many youth you are paying for, Name of youth(s) you are paying for, and if the youth are 4-H members or non-4-H members.  Please make checks payable to Jackson County 4-H Parents & Leaders Association.

Please note that there are scholarships available for camp.  They are available for those families (4-H and non-4-H) who need help with the registration costs.  Interested families should be sure to mark this on the registration form and contact the 4-H Program Coordinator for more information.  The requests will remain confidential.

Quick Information and Registration Link:

  • For youth who have just completed 3rd – 6th grade
  • Camp starts at NOON on Tuesday
  • Camp ends at NOON on Thursday
  • Deadline to complete registration and pay registration fee for camp is Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
  • The 4-H Program Coordinator will email you with camp information about 1 week prior to camp
    • For 2019, this email was sent to parents/campers on 7/1/2019


Apply to be a Camp Counselor or Counselor in Training (CIT)!

Youth who have completed grades 9 or higher are considered Camp Counselors.  Counselors in Training (CIT) are youth who have completed grades 7 & 8.  If you are interested in being a Camp Counselor or a CIT you need to complete the application at the beginning of June (exact deadline is listed below).  All youth interested in being a Camp Counselor or a CIT, who meet the grade requirements, will be selected.  There is no selection or interview process.

Besides completing the application, to be a counselor you will need to attend a two-day training session hosted by the 4-H Program Coordinator that generally takes place 2-3 weeks before camp.  At this training the team will pick out the camp theme, go over job descriptions, practice leading games/activities, practice putting up/taking down the tents, learn best practices about helping youth, and learn what they will be doing at camp this year.

Camp Counselor and CIT Important Information:

  • Application must be completed by June 1st!
  • Camp Counselor and CIT Application found here:
  • Camp Counselor and CIT training for 2019 takes place on the following two days:
    • Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM at the Jackson County Extension Office
    • Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM at the Jackson County Extension Office



Adult Volunteers Welcomed!

We need adult volunteers to chaperone the annual Jackson County Summer Camp every year in order to make this event a success.  Summer Camp provides Camp Counselors, Counselors in Training (CITs), and campers with opportunities to learn and practice leadership, new skills, and really offers a chance to learn independence and explore more of what 4-H has to offer.  However, this can’t be done without the help of volunteers!

If you would like to be an adult volunteer for summer camp you will need to complete the 4-H Adult Volunteer training process, if you have not already, as we need to ensure that all our volunteers have recieved proper training.  This means that you will need to ensure that YOU are signed up in 4HOnline, sign up and complete the Online Mandated Reporter Training, pass your background check (you should recieve an email in which you need to fill out some information), and complete the Volunteer in Preparation (VIP) through the Extension Office.  In order to complete the VIP training reach out to the 4-H Program Coordinator to schedule a time for the training to take place – it generally is an hour and a half training.

If you are interested in being an adult chaperone at Summer Camp please contact the 4-H Program Coordinator via email OR at 715-284-4257 ext. 505.