4-H County Programs


Jackson County has 4-H programs that are offered at the County level for 4-H youth, and sometimes non-4-H youth, to participate in.  These events are educational opportunities and learning experiences that we hope to provide youth with new experiences. Some county-level activities that are offered include the following: Summer Camp, Summer of Science Days, Trips & Key Awards, Festival of the Arts, Cloverbud Program, Clover College, and the Farmers Market.  Please note that these activities can change year to year, based on involvement from 4-H members, families, and volunteers. More information about these 4-H programs is below.

Our 4-H members, volunteers, and families do such OUTSTANDING work for the 4-H program and this, the 4-H Achievement Celebration, is our way to recognize that great work, dedication, commitment, and passion!

The 4-H Parent and Leaders Association works with the 4-H Program Educator and a 4-H club every year to host the 4-H Achievement Celebration.  This year is all about recognizing the work that our youth, volunteers, and families put into the Jackson County 4-H Program.  The event is all about celebrating your achievements, and we would LOVE to have you there to celebrate with us!  Generally, this event occurs in the fall (depending on the Fall Forum and schedules).  For more information about RSVPing for this event, check below.

Below you will find more information about the 4-H Achievement Celebration for this year:

Achievement Celebration Event Details:

The Parent and Leaders Association works with the 4-H Program Educator and a 4-H Club to plan this event.  Planning takes place in August for the event and will be updated here when things are finalized.

  • Location: Comfort Inn (W10170 WI-54 E, Black River Falls, WI 54615)
  • Date: Sunday, November 7, 2021
  • Time: 1 PM
  • Food:  This year, we will be serving a full meal
  • Cost: This year, there will be a $7.50 cost per plate (with a $30 maximum cost for families).  You will pay the fee at the event.

How to RSVP:

You need to register for this event to know how many people we need to accommodate for location, food, and such. Please note by November 1 for the 4-H Achievement Celebration.

Would you please call the Extension Office at (715)284-4257

Clover College is scheduled for October 22nd, 2022 at Blair Taylor High School

I am looking for sessions! If you have a session in mind use the google form below!

If you have any questions at all please contact the 4-H Program Educator.

Cloverbud Day camp happens during the summer for 4-H’s youngest members in kindergarten- second grade. In the past couple of years, there has been low attendance so the day camp is taking a break. If your child is interested in attending this program please reach out to the 4-H Program Educator.

The Festival of the Arts event is a great opportunity for 4-Her’s to explore their artistic, communicative, and dramatic skills.  There are a variety of different types of art that you can showcase – some individually and some as a group.  Trempealeau County hosts this event and invites our 4-H youth to participate, which is neat as this has become a two-county event!

You can sign up to participate in: Group Music (instrumental, vocal, dance, or novelty), Solo and Duet Music, Group Mini-Drama, Group Play Reading, Group Drama, Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks, Action Center, Communication Arts, Marketing, Photography, and Arts and Crafts

Descriptions of what you can participate in:

  • GROUP MUSIC: Categories include instrumental, vocal, dance, or novelty (i.e. variety, lip sync). If tapes are used, only instrumental accompaniment tapes are permitted. Vocal tapes will be allowed for lip sync or dance numbers only. No open flames, hay, straw, cornstalks, shavings, or sawdust may be used. No directing is permitted from the audience or in front of the stage.
    • Time Guidelines: The maximum performance time limit is 12 minutes. The clock starts with the opening of the curtain. No minimum time limit.
  • SOLO and DUET MUSIC: Includes vocal, instrumental, vocal/instrumental, dance, and variety.
    • Time Guidelines: Maximum of 3 minutes
  • GROUP MINI-DRAMA: Produced with minimal props (no special lighting, hay, straw, candles, or open flames) and costumes, they may be performed in a classroom. Examples include skits, puppetry, or creative dramatics.
    • Time Guidelines: A maximum time limit of 15 minutes, including set-up and take-down. No minimum time limit.
  • GROUP PLAY READING: The group must consist of 3 or more participants. Readers are to make their selection ‘come alive’ without the use of costumes and props. Hand movements and facial expressions are acceptable. Movement around the stage is not acceptable. Presented without microphones or artificial devices. Scripts are to be used.
    • Time Guidelines: A maximum performance time limit is 12 minutes. No minimum time limit.
  • GROUP DRAMA: One-act play, commercial, or original drama. No open flames, hay straw, cornstalks, shavings, or sawdust are to be used. No directing is permitted from the audience or in front of the stage.
    • Time Guidelines: The maximum performance time limit is 30 minutes. The clock starts with the opening of the curtain and ends with the final curtain.
  • DEMONSTRATIONS AND ILLUSTRATED TALKS: Either teach someone how or show, and tell how to do something. Consists of 4 parts—a) Introduction, b) Body, c) Conclusion, and d) Questions from the audience. Visuals and charts can be used. Use maps, charts, posters, graphs, pictures, slides, or models to explain what you’re saying.
    • Time Guidelines: 15 minutes maximum
  • ACTION CENTER: A show-and-tell with an emphasis on showing. Presenter(s) carry on conversation with passersby (no seated audience). People watching take part by—a) Watching and Listening, b) Talking with the Demonstrator, c) Trying Things with Senses, d) Judging things, or e) Asking Questions. Handouts may be used (instructions, directions, recipes, etc.); posters or pictures can be used to show key steps or to show a close-up view.
    • Time Guidelines: 15-30 minutes total
  • COMMUNICATION ARTS: The selected category must have 1 or 2 readers. Categories that can be selected include Memorized Selection, Prose-reading, Poetry-reading, Original Speeches, Storytelling, and Play-reading.
    • Time Guidelines: Maximum time for all categories is 5 minutes
  • MARKETING: All items submitted will be displayed together. Any item is acceptable that can be used for the promotion of 4-H. All entries must have at least one green clover with the four H’s. Examples would include posters, placemats, tabletop designs, sweatshirts, etc. that promote 4-H visually. See the registration form for entry labeling requirements.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: All items submitted will be displayed together on display boards. Photos submitted may be 5” by 7” photos or emailed as jpeg. Photos may be color or black & white, standard or digital, or any appropriate subject. Categories are limited to animals, people, and scenes. Photos must be mounted on top of poster board (any color) measuring 6” by 8”. See the registration form for entry labeling requirements.
  • ARTS & CRAFTS: No woodworking. All arts and crafts entries will be displayed together; no individual county displays. Arts and crafts are limited to a total of 6 entries/entrant. Any article that has been made in the current 4-H year. See the registration form for entry labeling requirements. Articles will be evaluated on the quality of the exhibit and the age of the participant. Evaluation criteria include 1) Originality/Creativity, 2) Neatness, 3) Artistic Merit, and 4) Appropriate.

Festival of the Arts Descriptions and Requirements

Summer camp is for youth in 3-8th grade. Campers stay at YMCA Camp Pepin with 4-H’ers in Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson, and Pepin County come together. Youth participate in shooting sports, water sports, arts and crafts, and STEM. Older youth get to enjoy an on-site high ropes course and an array of water activities like paddle boarding and kayaking on Lake Pepin. Youth can enroll in camp on 4-H Online.

Older youth in 9-13th grade are invited to gain leadership skills as Camp Counselors. Applications come out in January and close in February, youth will be asked to interview and join in camp counselor training before camp.