Summer of Science

This summer we are bringing back the SUMMER OF SCIENCE!

The Summer of Science gives 4-H and community youth experience with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Events center around hands-on activities and experiments and may include demonstrations and guest speakers. Participants are engaged with exciting new topics and materials and gain valuable inquiry skills.

This year we will have two main programs: Mad Science Mondays and Club Tech Days.

Mad Science Mondays take place every week from July 1st to August 5th. They are on Monday evenings and are at various places in and around Black River Falls. This year, we are focusing on chemistry and its connection to electronics, baking, and other STEM areas. Exciting projects include explosions, bubbles, and slime! We ask that individuals register for the events, as it is appreciated, but it is not required. Registering for the events helps us plan for material amounts and the age-range of curriculum.

Club Tech Days are day camps where participants explore technology, robotics, and engineering. Extended times mean youth have time to explore and create with exciting new materials like littleBits and Ozobots. Registration is required and the cost is $10 for 4-H members and $15 for non-4-H members. See more information and a link to register under the Mad Science Monday dates.

2019 Mad Science Monday Events:

A flyer was also created with these events to help advertise and that can be found here: Summer of Science Flyer

  • FIZZY EXPLOSIONS: Learn about types of reactions by making elephant toothpaste, eruptions, and fizzy bombs!
  • BUBBLE FUN: Make your own bubble solution to take home and then use it to make giant bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, and more!
  • SODA SCIENCE: Use the scientific method to make your own dream soda and learn about what makes soda fizz.
  •  ELECTRONIC FRUIT: Make a fruit battery to power lights and fans. Discover the point where chemistry and electricity collide.
  • CAKE CHEMISTRY: Find out about chemical change by experimenting with your own cake recipe. Don’t forget to taste your results!
  • SLIME!: We’re making traditional slime along with ooblek and bouncy balls! Compare them and learn about matter and chemical bonding.

2019 Club Tech Days

This year we are holding two Club Tech day camps: one for elementary students and one for middle and high school students. The registration deadline is July 12th.

How to Register for Camp:

Registration for camp takes place ONLINE.  If you would like a hard-copy of the registration form it can be picked up at the Jackson County Extension Office.

There is a registration fee for Club Tech Days to help us cover the costs of supplies and snacks.  Registration fees are $10 per 4-H member, or $15 for non-4-H members and the fees must be paid by the registration deadline.  Registration fees can be paid at, or mailed to, the Jackson County Extension Office (227 South 11th Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615).  If you are mailing your check please include the following information along with the check: How many youth you are paying for, name of youth(s) you are paying for, and if the youth are 4-H members or non-4-H members.  Please make checks payable to Jackson County UW-Extension.

Please note that there are scholarships available for camp.  They are available for those families (4-H and non-4-H) who need help with the registration costs.  Interested families should be sure to mark this on the registration form. The requests will remain confidential.