Cloverbud Summer Camp

This year Summer Cloverbud Camp is going to take place on Monday, July 15th, 2019.

The theme for camp this year is: FAIRYTALE/STORYBOOK.

Every summer the Cloverbud program hosts a Summer Cloverbud Camp in early July for the 5K-2nd graders to participate in.  Camp takes place at Lost Falls Campground at the pavilion. The camp is generally a day in length, but that can vary depending on volunteer assistance and the requests of Cloverbud families during that particular year.  There is also a theme for camp each year that may, or may not, match the theme of Summer Camp for that year.

Lost Falls Campground is located 10 miles west of Black River Falls out on Highway 54.  To get to Lost Falls Campground follow Highway 54 to Sunnyvale Road and follow the signs.

How to Register for Camp:

Registration for camp takes place ONLINE.  If you would like a hard-copy of the registration form it can be picked up at the Jackson County Extension Office.

There is a registration fee for Summer Camp to help us cover costs of supplies and food.  Registration fees are $10 per 4-H member, or $15 for non-4-H members and the fees must be paid by the registration deadline.  Registration fees can be paid at, or mailed to, the Jackson County Extension Office (227 South 11th Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615).  If you are mailing your check please include the following information along with the check: How many youth you are paying for, Name of youth(s) you are paying for, and if the youth are 4-H members or non-4-H members.  Please make checks payable to Jackson County 4-H Parents & Leaders Association.

Please note that there are scholarships available for camp.  They are available for those families (4-H and non-4-H) who need help with the registration costs.  Interested families should be sure to mark this on the registration form and contact the 4-H Program Coordinator for more information.  The requests will remain confidential.

Quick Information and Registration Link:

  • For youth who are in 5K – 2nd grade
  • Theme for this year is: Fairytale/Storybook
  • Camp starts at 8 AM
  • Camp ends at 4 PM
  • Deadline to complete registration and pay registration fee for camp is Wednesday, June 26th, 2019