Volunteer Resources

The UW-Extension office supports our volunteers, as the 4-H program would not be possible without you.  One of the small ways that our office supports volunteers are through resources. However, there are some guidelines that volunteers need to follow when requesting the use of resources in order to ensure that the office has those supplies, the resources are not being utilized elsewhere already, and that there is ample time for the supplies to be gathered.

Important things to note if you want to utilize UW-Extension resources:

  • If you have projects – copies or packets made up, etc. – that you need help with from the UW-Extension office you need to do the following:
    • Provide a week’s notice before the project must be completed
    • Fill out a work order form or stop in at the office to fill one out.  Here is the link to the work order form: UW-Ext.Work-Order (2018)
    • Turn in work orders (email or paper copy) to the 4-H Program Coordinator, Sarah Tanis, in person or at sarah.hoffman@ces.uwex.edu.
  • Copies are free for educational purposes with educator approval
  • Copies for a fundraiser do have a copy cost associated with them –
    • Please contact the UW-Extension Office for the most current $/copy