Dog Project

The Jackson County 4-H Dog Project is led by volunteers and consists of obedience, showmanship, and agility.  If youth would like to participate in the Fair then they are required to attend a specific number of these training classes before the fair.  In order to attend the classes you must have all of the correct paperwork and veterinary paperwork completed and turned in.

4-H Dog Project Class Schedule:

Generally the Dog Project in Jackson County starts ramping up around March.  It starts with an informational class to learn more about the project, schedule for the year, and to turn in the proper paperwork to ensure animal safety.

Contact Information:

The Dog Project leader is Tina Windsor, you can contact her at 715-797-7753 or

The Dog Project has a Facebook page where they post information to keep project members up-to-date on all the need to know information.

Information For Resources:

Below you will find some links to resources and opportunities for you in the Dog Project.  Feel free to check them out for more information about your project area and to increase your education!