Dairy Project


There is a Dairy Committee in Jackson County that meets on a bi-monthly basis and gets all the necessary information out to members in the Dairy Project.  The Dairy Project has weigh-ins and other important events happen throughout the course of the year in order for youth to be able to show in the fair, so it is crucial that you get on the correct email list and are in contact with the Dairy Project Committee.   The Dairy Committee also will keep project members up to date on other showing opportunities and educational opportunities in the project area.

Contact Information:

The President for the Dairy Committee is Holly Meimann and her email address is: hjmeimann18@gmail.com

The Dairy Committee also has a Facebook page where they post information to keep project members up-to-date on all the need to know information.

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA):

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a set of web-based modules being required for youth in the Beef, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, and Swine projects. It is also required to show Dairy at the State Fair. (Please note that MAQA is now called YQCA).  This program will allow youth to learn about other species of animals; not just the species they show. This program allows for the consistency of information being taught to youth in all states and in all species of animals.

YQCA content and modules are age-appropriate and different each year (age as of January 1): Junior (8-11), Intermediate (12-14), Senior (15-18), and Young Adult (19-21). Each year, youth complete one new module in each the following categories:

  • Animal Welfare (basic needs, proper animal handling, biosecurity, etc.),
  • Food Safety (medications, medicated feeds, withdrawal times, avoiding residue, etc.)
  • Character Education (ethics, goal setting, career exploration, etc.)

YQCA gives families flexibility in gaining this required certification, which is more convenient to accommodate busy seasonal schedules since it is online. It’s estimated that youth will spend roughly 60 minutes completing modules each year.

Youth must complete the YQCA module for their age by July 15 to be eligible to show Beef, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, and Swine at the Jackson County Fair. To complete the YQCA module or to get more information, go to https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/yqca/. Cost for YQCA is $12 each year. Requests for an appointment for use of a computer/internet and scholarships are available by confidential request to the 4-H Program Coordinator.

Here are the steps to complete the YQCA online module:

  1. Click on “YQCA Youth Log In” link at https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/yqca/.  Create a login and follow the login process through purchasing a “web-based course” ($12/youth).  If financial support is needed please the 4-H Program Coordinator.
  2. Youth must complete the appropriate course for their age (follow on-screen prompts).  The youth must pass the quiz at the end.  Please note that youth are allowed to go back in the module to correct responses in the quize and be successful.
  3. Youth must save completion certificate and submit to the Jackson County Extension Office.  You can submit the completion certificate by mail to the Extension Office at ATTN: YQCA, 227 South 11th Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615.  OR, submit it via email to the support staff at the Jackson County Extension Office.

It is important to note that youth certification is NOT complete until the certificate has been submitted and recieved. It is the individual youth’s responsibility to confirm receipt.

For technical support with YQCA email help@yqca.org.

Educational Requirements:

Livestock projects also require additional educational requirements for beef, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, and small animal projects so youth can show their animals at the Jackson County Fair.  The deadline for these requirements is set by the committee and the Fair Board.  Generally these additional educational requirements can be completed through attending workshops.

Information For Resources:

Below you will find some links to resources and opportunities for youth in the Dairy Project.  Feel free to check them out for more information about your project area and to increase your education!