Cloverbud Program

The Cloverbud program is an educational program designed for children in 5K-2nd grade.  Cloverbud events are open to both 4-H and community youth.  The main goal of the Cloverbud program is to povide a welcoming, safe, and hands-on experience that promotes children’s healthy development, represented in the 4 H’s: HEAD, HEART, HANDS, and HEALTH.  The delivery of the Cloverbud program may be through a project offering within a 4-H club, in a day camp, through county level programming, or in a sponsored partnership with an afterschool or community-based program.

Annually the Cloverbud program consists of four events that take place in January through April that are open to all Cloverbud youth in Jackson County, and to non-4-Hers as well.  These events change each year.  We ask that individuals register for the events, as it is appreciated, but it is not required.  Registering for the events helps us plan appropriately for supplies and snacks.

The Cloverbud program also hosts a day camp for Cloverbud age youth in the summer every year.  You will find information about this camp, along with how to register, here.

To stay up-to-date on the Cloverbud Program feel free to look at the website here, but also check out our Facebook site that is updated more frequently.  The Facebook page is titled ‘JC Cloverbud 4-H project’ and can be found here:

2019 Cloverbud Program Events:

Below you fill find the Cloverbud events for the 2018-2019 4-H year.  A flyer was also created with these events to help advertise and that can be found here: 2019 Cloverbud Events Poster.

  • WINTER BIRD SURVIVAL: Should we stay or should we go?  Find out what it is like for birds to migrate as a group through fun activities!
  • BUILD YOUR OWN WATERSLIDE: Learn about how science and building come together to create the fun of a
    water slide! This is a hands on activitythat will be sure to teach and inspirelots of fun!

  • USING YOUR SUPER SENSES: We use our senses every time we eat. Colors,crunches, smells, textures, and taste all matter when we choose fruits andvegetables to eat.
  • GROWING FLOWERS & MAKING A FLOWER SEED BOMB: April showers bring May flowers, so let’s help bring as many flowers as you can by creating a flower seed bomb! We will also learn more about how to grow flowers.

Other Events Cloverbuds can Participate in:

  • CLOVERBUD SUMMER CAMP:  This takes place on July 15, 2019 from 8 AM – 4 PM.  Information about camp can be found HERE.
  • JACKSON COUNTY FAIR:  This takes place August 1-5, 2019. Cloverbuds youth can experience the fair by showing a few projects and talking to a judge about their projects.  Be sure to sign up for the Fair Projects if you would like to participate.  Fair entry forms are found in the back of the Jackson County Fair Book and for more about deadline information check out the Jackson County Fair website HERE.