Volunteer Resources

Wisconsin 4-H has over 10,000 adult volunteers and 4,200 youth volunteers. Volunteers are a major reason for Wisconsin 4-H’s ability to reach well over 48,500 youth throughout the state. To volunteer in the Jackson County 4-H program be sure to go through the steps found HERE.  Once you have gone through the steps, please utilize these resources on this page to help you in your volunteer journey in the Jackson County 4-H Program!

Additional Trainings:

Competent, caring adult volunteers are essential to the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development program. Volunteers contribute their time and talents to 4-H, and in return, 4-H has the responsibility to provide them with the positive youth development knowledge and skills they need to effectively work with youth.

In order to support volunteers in their work of ‘making the best better,’ the UW-Extension 4-H program requires that each club and group send one volunteer to the Annual Leader Training hosted by the 4-H Program Coordinator.  This training is one in which volunteers are welcome to attend, even if they are not a club leader or project leader.  The training is created by Wisconsin 4-H and is given in each county through-out the state and focuses on important and emerging issues, concerns, or practices that will help the youth in the 4-H program.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for information about this training if you’d like to learn more and continue your volunteering experience with 4-H!

There may be other trainings and development opportunities happening in the county.  If there are, you will be notified of these trainings through the newsletter, bi-weekly emails, or the website.

Online Resources:

Youth Protection:

Children come into contact with UW-Extension volunteers and employees through various programs, camps, and events. The University of Wisconsin-Extension strives to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for everyone involved in university activities.

In your role as a UW-Extension volunteer, you are required to immediately report any incident of child abuse or neglect to law enforcement or human services. Fulfilling Your Obligation as a Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse & Neglect brochure describes your obligations as a mandatory reporter.  Instructions are available on how to signup for and take Mandated Reporter training through 4HOnline.