Project Leader Resources

Project Leaders play a very important role in the Jackson County 4-H program and we would not be able to offer as many different learning opportunities for youth without them!

Jackson County Leader Resources Website:

The 4-H Program Coordinator, Sarah Tanis, created a website that is home to all of the important forms and resources that you should need as a 4-H Club Leader.  This website is called the ‘Jackson County Leader Resources Website’.  This website is strictly to help you in all the great work that you do!  It is home to the majority, if not all, the things you should need to know while being a 4-H Club Leader.

The website link is as follows:

Some important resources found on the website:

  • 4HOnline
  • Charter Information
  • Meeting Tips & Tricks
  • Youth Leadership Information
  • Risck Management Information
  • Resources (Links and County information)


There are many resources out there for our project leaders!  Be sure to check out the ones below and if you have any that you would like to share let the 4-H Program Coordinator know!

  • 4-H Project Literature – These can be checked out of the Jackson County Extension Office
  • Utilize Local Experts – Bring in a local “expert” to share their ideas and experiences with your group. One example would be asking a Master Gardener to share information on choosing perennial or trimming shrubs at one of your project meetings.
  • Missouri 4-H Web Site – Many project leaders volunteer because of a special interest in a project area and are looking for more guidance on working with youth. Missouri 4-H has developed a web site to help volunteers working with youth learn more about their role. The “lessons” on the website include How Kids Develop, Learning Through Experience, Kids as Resources, Managing Groups of Kids and Working with Parents and Other Adults. Visit their web site at