Club Leader Resources

Jackson County Leader Resources Website:

The 4-H Program Coordinator, Sarah Tanis, created a website that is home to all of the important forms and resources that you should need as a 4-H Club Leader.  This website is called the ‘Jackson County Leader Resources Website’.  This website is strictly to help you in all the great work that you do!  It is home to the majority, if not all, the things you should need to know while being a 4-H Club Leader.

The website link is as follows:

Some important resources found on the website:

  • 4HOnline
  • Charter Information
  • Meeting Tips & Tricks
  • Youth Leadership Information
  • Risck Management Information
  • Resources (Links and County information)

4-H Club Meeting Outline

Feel free to utilize this to help assist your club president and club leader organize your upcoming club meeting.  It is a form that should be completed before each meeting to ensure that your upcoming meeting will run smoothly and that you have help from youth in all areas that are needed (i.e. leading pledges, committee reports, business, talks demonstrations, etc.)

The form is found both in a Word document and in a PDF document.

Improving Your 4-H Club Meetings:

One of the best ways to improve your 4-H Club meetings is to ask the 4-H members what they think of the meetings and what they want to see.  Feel free to utilize the documents below as a way to evaluate your 4-H Club meetings.  It is always good to evaluate and to see how your club is doing in different areas, and where are some areas that you could work on.

This form is found in both a Word document and in a PDF document.