Club Leaders, Project Leaders, and Volunteers

The Jackson County 4-H Program could not run without all the help of our club leaders, project leaders, and volunteers!

In order to best help those who give so much to our program, we need to be sure to provide resources to our volunteers. The webpages linked on the bottom of this page will provide resources to assist Jackson County 4-H Club Leaders, 4-H Project Leaders, and 4-H Volunteers in the great work that they do.  But, before we get to resources, let’s define what being a club leader, project leader, or volunteer means in the Jackson County 4-H Program.

4-H Club Leaders:

4-H Club Leaders are adult volunteers that help ensure that their 4-H club is meeting standards, getting youth and parents involved, providing growth opportunities to youth, and being there to provide support and encouragement in 4-H involvement.  Each 4-H club has a club leader, or leaders, that are there to ensure policies and procedures are being followed. They are crucial in having a successful 4-H program and we could not do it without them!

4-H Project Leaders:

4-H Project Leaders are also adult volunteers, but instead of being a leader of a club, they are leaders of individual 4-H projects.  They become leaders of individual projects due to their knowledge, experience, and interest in that project area.  Project leaders can be at the club level and just involved 4-H members in their club that are interested in learning more about that project – OR project leaders can be at the county level.  Project Leaders at the county level work to ensure that ALL 4-H youth in Jackson county who are interested in that project get to participate.


There are many different ways in which an adult can volunteer in the 4-H program.  To learn more about volunteering check out our website HERE.  In the link below, you will find resources for volunteers in Jackson County.