Club and Project Leaders

4-H Club Leaders are adult volunteers that help ensure that their 4-H club is meeting standards, getting youth and parents involved, and providing growth opportunities.  Each 4-H club as a club leader, or leaders, that are there to ensure policies and procedures are being followed, besides being there to provide support and encouragement in 4-H involvement.  They are crucial in having a successful 4-H program and we could not do it without them!

4-H Project Leaders are also adult volunteers, but instead of being a leader of a club, they are leaders of individual 4-H projects due to their knowledge, experience, and interest in that project.

This links at the bottom of this page include information for 4-H Club Leaders and 4-H Project Leaders to assist them in the great work that they do.  Please find information about office resources, club insurance, financial information, and county awards in the links below.