4-H Online 2.0

I am sure many of you know the frustration that is 4H Online. It is difficult to use, out dated and many of the features it has are not available to us. This year Wisconsin 4-H is receiving an update on 4H Online, 4-H Online 2.0! In August 21,2020 all of our County’s 4H Online will start migrating over to the new server. After the 21st we will not be able to change anything in 4H Online until the migration is complete. In order for your information to transfer you have to be “active” in 4H Online currently. This means you have enrolled in the program this year.  If you have any family members that need to be added please do so now in 4H Online, you will not be able to add anyone until the update is complete in September. Below I have a time line for the updates and deadlines.

Until then we have the opportunity to test out the new system and help our 4-H Online IT specialist work on the system.Jackson County has been selected as a test County to help find bugs in the system as it is always updating, and to help me work with the system on my end. In order for improvements to be made I need people to be in the test system of our county. That is where you come in! I have attached the enrollment guide below for your convenience and to help walk you through the process.

There are some great updates on the previous system. The new system has user friendly features and a couple great upgrades such as:

  • Event registration to allow non 4-H registration
  • Support of Spanish language
  • True mobile-friendly capabilities
  • YQCA integration
  • ADA compliance


July 15                     Last day for families to add new youth or adults.

August 7                  Participating adult volunteers and youth must be “Active.”

                                 Group Enrollment deadline in 4HOnline 1.0.

August 20                 Last day to edit in 4HOnline 1.0.

August 21                 4HOnline 1.0 is closed for families and staff edits;

                                  Staff will only be able to view data. Families do not have access.

Early September       4-H Online 2.0 opens for families.

4HOnline-Family Enrollment Guide

4H Online 1.0

4-H Online 2.0