**New for 2020 at the Spaulding Road Community Garden**

Raised Bed Installation Program


The community garden was honored to receive grants from both Theisen’s and the Lunda Charitable Trust for garden improvements. The grants, along with a generous donation in memory of former garden member Russ Sheppard, will be utilized to build raised beds throughout the garden. In recent years several garden plots have flooded and these beds will be an effort to mitigate the issue.


Each plot holder will have the opportunity to install 1 raised bed. As we gauge plot holder interest, more beds may become available. Raised beds will be 8’x4’ and 10” deep and constructed of treated lumber. Once installed on a plot, the bed will become a permanent fixture of the plot even if plot rental transfers.


If you are interested in participating in the raised bed program (both current and new plot holders) please contact the Jackson County Extension office at (715)284-4257 or jamie.pfaff@wisc.edu for more information. Plot rental is open to the public beginning January 2nd, 2020. Please visit the Community Garden Page for general information regarding the Spaulding Road Garden.